The Pill To End Your Struggle In Life

I'm sending this article to you in case you
haven't read it yet. The message here is
very powerful and has helped many
see clearly the root of their struggles.
At least from the response I've gotten so far :)

This pill may be hard for you to swallow.

Either way, from the love of my heart,
I give it to you to consider. If you
swallow it, your life will never be
the same. If you ignore it, you'll
wake up tomorrow as if
nothing had happened.

This pill will remain right here waiting
for you until you've gotten so sick of
everything that you're willing to
considering it.

But this is the key to unlocking the
chains of struggle.

So here's the pill:

All your struggles in life are actually
your addictions. "What do you mean
they are addictions? How dare you tell
me that I'm addicted to my problems,"
is the common response I get when I
share this piece of truth.

If at reading these words, you feel
confused, angry or en-raged.

This is good news.


Because, know my friend that this
rage is not the rage at these words,
or at the author of them. It is the silent
rage of your spirit / consciousness / YOU
discovering that it has been living in a cage
all these years.

This is the cage that is the source of all your

Your mind may tell you "This isn't true,
I am free." But this is the belief of a prisoner
who has never seen the light of day and
thinks that prison is life.

What is this cage?

Quite simply: Image.

When you were a child, you were
image-less - neither bound nor free.

At one point, the free spirit which
is still alive and free in you this
moment innocently fell into believing
that you are a person with a set of
beliefs, ideas, fears, likes, and
dislikes with a past.

And a future.

And this defines who you are.

When you were a child, you loved
innocently and unconditionally.
But at one point, this love was stomped
on. Most likely by your parents.

Very quickly you learned that you
cannot just be and love unconditionally
in order to receive what appears as love in
return. Very quickly you learn that
simply loving is not enough to be loved.

So this is when your mind first generates
an image for you.

Some children learn that in order to get
love, which takes the form of attention,
they need to behave badly.

Other children learn that in order to
get love, they need to behave good,
and put on a happy face, smile at everyone.

Either way, it's not enough to just be.
There must be an image, a filter for your
heart between people. If this filter is
gone, this is terrifying, almost like
jumping off a plane without a parachute.

The most horrifying thing in our society
is that most of us learn that the only way
to get love is through expressing pain.

As we are ignored as children, a lot of
us learn that if we cry, get upset, or
throw a fit, then we get attention, or
what we want.

How funny that the only way most of
us can relate with other human beings is
through pain. Just observe how
people talk with each other.

First you say: "Hello, how are you?"
But within just a couple minutes,
very soon the conversation turns to
problems, or about what is wrong, and
how it could be better.

Even if the problem/pain is only minor,
it's still a conversation purely built on
pain. Because if I'm in pain, and
you're in pain, then we know who
we are, and we are safe.

Because everything about your
image is about safety. It
has nothing, and I repeat:

who you truly are, and what
you truly want. It's all about safety,
and closing off your heart from
being vulnerable.

And the fear of vulnerability is the
butt-plug in the ass of humanity.
It's the source of the whole mess. All the
"struggle" without image, there is no struggle.

Yes, there is still pain. Yes, there is
still sadness and heartache.

Pain is pain, but struggle is the mental
story about the pain.

Struggle is the mental story that says
"What is happening is not meeting the
requirements of my reality (my image), so
I must resist them with my entire being."

So if your image is that of a "victim",
it is based on an event that happened
in the past, this is where you get your
image. People who are victims actually
enjoy being victims. Even though they
make it look like they do not.

These people go around telling their
victim story to everyone. To them,
all of life, all of reality is one big villain
who has victimized them. This is how
they see their reality. This is how they
relate to people and how they feel special.

If you are a victim, you will always
do things in victim ways.

If your image is that of a "successful" person,
it is based on the imagination that who
you are is successful, that you weren't
successful in the past, and that you are now, or
have to be in the future.

You see your whole reality as successful or not
successful. Whoever you talk to, meet, or
watch on TV you analyze them through this
filter of successful or not successful.

If you are successful, you spend your
whole life trying to be successful.

If your image is that of someone who is helpful,
nurturing. As someone who "helps other people."

This is a mask as well.

Who will you be when there is no
one else to help? Your image is based
on the fact that there will always
be people worse off than you.

If you are helpful, you spend your
life time trying to be helpful, and
upholding this image.

If you are righteous or spiritual,
you will then wear a righteous and
spiritual mask, and this mask will be the
filter of your reality. Whatever your idea
of a spiritual person is, you will wear
and present this idea on your face and
how you act wherever you are,
with whoever you are.

There are many, many, many masks...
And we won't list them all here because
it would make a book. What is true
is that all these masks are hiding your
true nature which will set you free beyond
the depths of your imagination.

Your true nature will unlock the chains of all your

So what is your image? You have the
power to inquire deep within right now
and see it for yourself, ask yourself

"What is the mask I am hiding behind?"

Don't wait for a right answer, or an
answer that the person who your mind
tells you you are would come up with.

Inquire deep into your heart.

Once you see it for the first time.
Do not question it, dive deep into this
image and explore how it is running
your life.

Notice how in every situation, especially
when you struggle, you're fighting to
uphold this image in some way.

You're trying to prove this image to yourself. You're
trying to prove this image to others. You are trying to
prove it to the world.

It takes a lot of energy to fight
with yourself. Notice the amount of
energy that goes into upholding this image.

Now you realize that every struggle,
hasn't been a struggle with anyone
else but yourself. You are fighting
with yourself.

You may even notice that every
goal and desire you unleash unto
the world actually comes from the
very depths of trying to uphold this image.

Trace the image that you wear most
often and you will find its roots.

Because every image is simply
hiding you from being vulnerable
and exposed. It is hiding some pain
which you are running away from,
someone you are terrified of

Images work both ways.
Image is someone you want to
become and value being. And also
the opposite of someone
who you are terrified of becoming.

Every image is hiding you from vulnerability.
It is hiding your heart from the deepest
jolt of love you will ever feel.

Living with a closed heart is struggle.

And it's an addiction.

It's an addiction because it keeps
you safe. And safety is all you've known
for all these years. This addiction
has been your cage, it has shaped your
entire life, your entire reality.

What happens when you put down
your image?

It's terrifying at first. It will be the
most terrifying thing you ever do.
And the final liberation of the truth
of who you are.

At any moment you have the opportunity
to let go of your image completely and
dive into the imageless empty field of
your awareness from which love and
abundance sprouts spontaneously.

How do you know when you're about to
put down your image?

When you step into the unknown,
when you trace the image,
which you wear most often back
to its roots and face that
which you are most terrified of.

If you wear a successful image,
you're terrified of beinga nobody.
If you wear a peaceful image, you're
terrifiedof being out of control.

Consider the fact that everything
which is so real to you, would only
be my imagination.

Face that which you are terrified
off and watch it shrink
until it disappears.

When you first begin to put down
your image, you'll notice you feel
terrified, don't avoid this terror, this
fear. Stay in it. Don't resist it.

Next you will feel vulnerable.

This is good news.

Most people have gone so numb
from vulnerability they almost jump
out of their skin when they first
experience it consciously.
This is the beginning of real love in your
life - true liberation.

Next you may notice a pressure in
your chest, a vulnerable pressure.
This is your heart opening to the
entire world. This is the beginning
of a new life. Living from this place
watch how a deep unforced love begins to
take over.

Real love.

From this place, a new life begins.
You are free. And finally not only
happy but at peace, true peace.

Everything about image is conditioned
by your past and by your mind's desire
for safety. Conditioned by the importance
you put on what others opinions are.

You cannot run away from you.
Your image will haunt you every
step of the way, wherever you are.

Until you face it. It is hiding your
true face-less face. It feels like
sky-diving into the void. And this void is
the love of your true nature.

This is sky-diving school.

And what I'm inviting you to do is to
put down your parachute.

May all beings be free.

Kacper M. Postawski

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